Surviving in a Sea of Toxins

Environmental toxins are everywhere so come learn what you can do to limit your exposure and how to effectively detox your body safely!

Dr. Mike Andreano will be leading the workshop and going over:

  • How easily your body absorbs toxins
  • What foods he always buy organic
  • One of the most toxic foods
  • What toxins may be in your nutritional supplements
  • Why toxins may be behind your weight gain
  • How you can test anything for toxins
  • The safest way to detox your body

Join us on Facebook Live or In-Person on Saturday, March 25th from 9:00am-10:30am! The cost for IN-PERSON attendance to the workshop is $21 but this will immediately be credited on to your account and can be used for supplements or office visits. Bring a new friend/family member at NO EXTRA CHARGE and receive an additional $21 credit!

After the workshop, we’ll be offering SHORT, NO CHARGE TOXIN SCREENING to our in-person attendees! Bring up to FIVE items to determine if they’re toxic to your body: food, cleaning products, and/or personal care items.

Everyone make sure to stick around till the end to receive a special discount for a toxin screening in April with one of our practitioners!

Facebook Live Information

You can attend our Facebook live event here:

Our Facebook viewers will receive a special promo code to use at the end of the Facebook live.

In-Person Information

We only have 30 available seats so please make sure to reserve one! Our workshop will be held at our O’Hare office at: 8501 W. Higgins Road, Chicago IL, 60631. You’ll find us on the lower level, just make a right out the elevators and you’ll see us in the café


If you’d like to attend in person, you can sign up below: