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5on BirdEye,Nov 25, 2021


Excellent. Very well

5on BirdEye,Nov 15, 2021


Wonderful experience, thoughtful and precise

5on Google,Oct 25, 2021

Mike .

Very nice people excellent service Dr. Mike was awesome guy very friendly , and intelligent person . God bless you guys

5on BirdEye,Oct 12, 2021


I live a long way from the office. And I need to order my supplements via the mail. The office staff make this very simple and efficient. I’m very grateful for everyone’s kindness and caring. U Peace

5on BirdEye,Sep 28, 2021


I contacted Dr Andreano via social media while he was out of the office. He replied and made the perfect recommendations to help her. Always have exceptional service from the entire staff at Trinity!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 11, 2021


I was fortunate to discover this unique center that prides itself with exemplary care and total well being .

5on Google,Aug 19, 2021


Excellent team and very good treatment. I recommend the Trinity Holistic Health Center to everyone.

5on Google,Aug 05, 2021


So I was a little hesitant to try somewhere new, my family has been going to another Dr. But he sadly passed away. I decided to try it out since my mom had recently tried it out herself and had only good things to say. I’m not impressed easily but I was here. Dr. Mike is intuitive and very good at energetic work. I feel better after 1 day. Not an exaggeration. I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks brings.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2021


You have to experience it for yourself. It's an awakening of wellness. Taking matters into your own hands trying to cure elements rather than just treat them.

5on BirdEye,Jul 30, 2021


Dr. Andreano answered my questions, muscle tested and unfortunately discovered a cavity. I left the office with supplements confident that I will be on the road to better health!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 09, 2021


This is a place where your valued, listened too and cared for. Dr. Andreano is so knowledgeable and I always get great results with the treatment I receive. I highly recommend this place.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 29, 2021


Dr Mike and his team are wonderful caring people, a rare commodity these days. I had a terrible re-injury of my neck and I am thrilled with the path I’m now on for healing and it’s all because Dr Mike takes time to see the entire picture of cause from the entire body perspective

5on Google,Jun 25, 2021


Dr. Mike is a miracle worker. After being to the ER twice and my family doctor several times, no one could figure out why I was having the symptoms I was having. I talked on the phone w/ Dr. Mike for 1 minute, and he knew what was wrong- something that no one had mentioned to me before. I came in for an appointment, he set me up with the right supplements and diet, and within 1 day I started feeling better. I'd say within 5 days I felt 100% again. If you've never been to a holistic doctor, it's a unique experience, so keep an open mind and take his suggestions.

5on Google,May 24, 2021


My name is Laura Deets and I have been going to see Dr. Mike for over 15 years. I was a physical and mental mess and he took me in and paitiently got to the root of the issues of the day time and time again. He has helped me to maneuver around serious health concerns. He cares so much that one day he chased me out of the bank building where he is located all the way to my car to give me something that did not make it into my bag when I checked out. His heart is to help people and he is a wonderful tool in the hand of God. Thank you Dr. Mike for you dedication to your cause. Continue to let love be your guide and many blessings on those in your office and at home.

5on BirdEye,May 11, 2021


I first made an appointment with Dr Mike Adreano this past February 2021 and only wished I had done it sooner. He truly takes time to listen to your concerns and only recommends non medicine treatments and therapy and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking holistic care

5on BirdEye,May 10, 2021


Love seeing Dr.Mike he takes time with his patients, very knowledgeable, All employees are very friendly

Recommendedon Facebook,Apr 21, 2021


Trinity Holistic Health Center is responsive to my needs. Everyone is kind, patient, and helpful. Thank you all at Trinity Holistic Health Center for helping me with my health and well-being.

5on Google,Apr 20, 2021


I would highly recommend Dr. Mike for anyone looking for alternative healing methods and ways to optimize their health. My wife and I have been going to him for the better part of a decade and I can’t recommend him enough. Definitely five stars!

5on Google,Apr 13, 2021


The staff is friendly and the office atmosphere is calm and pleasant. Dr. Andreano is caring and professional. He listens to his patients and partners with us, so we can meet our health goals successfully.

5on Google,Apr 09, 2021


Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Mike is very thorough and attentive to the needs of his patients. At Trinity Holistic Health Center you are treated like family and not like a random face in a crowd. Dr. Mike and his staff focus on getting to the root cause of your health condition by using holistic treatments to get you on the road to recovery. I'm so blessed that I found this doctor. I finally feel like the pieces are coming together for my well being. Thank God for such a knowledgeable and caring doctor and staff.

5on BirdEye,Mar 01, 2021


It was very good and I always be grateful to how amazing how the staff treat me and how caring dr Mike’s help me out

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 07, 2021


All of the staff is very helpful, caring, courteous, & knowledgeable-efficient , too. Dr. Mike is always willing to discuss whatever your concerns might be even if he has just stepped into the office area & you don’t have an appointment —between patients & most importantly he listens & is prepared to talk you through anything. He knows the products that he prescribes & has a supply ready- but he only charges what he has paid for them-just as a matter of convenience. So you can get what you need immediately & without trying to find it online or in a store—that’s also very helpful & appreciated. I have been a patient for 4-5 years now & would highly recommend him.