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5on Google,Apr 09, 2021


Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Mike is very thorough and attentive to the needs of his patients. At Trinity Holistic Health Center you are treated like family and not like a random face in a crowd. Dr. Mike and his staff focus on getting to the root cause of your health condition by using holistic treatments to get you on the road to recovery. I'm so blessed that I found this doctor. I finally feel like the pieces are coming together for my well being. Thank God for such a knowledgeable and caring doctor and staff.

5on BirdEye,Mar 01, 2021


It was very good and I always be grateful to how amazing how the staff treat me and how caring dr Mike’s help me out

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 07, 2021


All of the staff is very helpful, caring, courteous, & knowledgeable-efficient , too. Dr. Mike is always willing to discuss whatever your concerns might be even if he has just stepped into the office area & you don’t have an appointment —between patients & most importantly he listens & is prepared to talk you through anything. He knows the products that he prescribes & has a supply ready- but he only charges what he has paid for them-just as a matter of convenience. So you can get what you need immediately & without trying to find it online or in a store—that’s also very helpful & appreciated. I have been a patient for 4-5 years now & would highly recommend him.

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 02, 2021


Dr. Mike is such a knowledgeable Doctor!! The thoroughness of his staff is a blessing. I have and will continue to recommend them to those I love and care about.

5on BirdEye,Jan 22, 2021


I’ve been seeing Dr.Andreano for a long time now and he never disappoints! He will always figure it out and get you to heal!

5on BirdEye,Jan 16, 2021


Awesome place! Love Dr. Mike. He has helped me and a number of my family and friends. Highly recommend him!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 13, 2021

Laura Quintero

Dr. Mike is a fabulous dr. This was my 2nd visit and i will be returning. He is very knowledgeable and take the tome to hear your concerns. He methods of healing is extraordinary

5on Google,Jan 01, 2021


Dr. Andreano's treatments have gone far beyond any chiropractic care I have ever received in the past. He was able to assess and treat pain that I have been experiencing my entire life. He has given me relief that I did not think was even possible. He has been a true blessing in my life!

5on Google,Nov 05, 2020


This place spent more time with me in one visit than my doctor did in the past year. They were do nice and understanding and very helpful. Thank you.

5on Google,Sep 10, 2020


Dr. Mike Andreano and the Trinity Holistic Health Center are truly God sent! This is where my entire family has been receiving medical treatment for a while now. The holistic, whole body, approach to health is what you will get from Dr. Mike. There are no illnesses too difficult for him. If you heard that there is no real help for you and you must accept your illness, suffering , and pain, go and see Dr. Mike. He just may give you HOPE! Trinity Holistic Health Center is a must see place if you suffer!

5on Google,Aug 15, 2020


Only one month in and results have been fantastic. Feeling great, stress reduced greatly, and looks like I'll be avoiding getting another stent. Wish I had met Dr Andreano and Jeannie Groman years ago before I had my 1st stent. Very professional and thorough.

5on Google,Jul 28, 2020

Ed Luisette

Dr. Mke is extremely knowledgeable. His advice has helped me numerous time. I have brought many people to him. One by one they all heal.

5on Google,Jul 18, 2020


Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

5on Google,Jul 18, 2020


My daughter was welcomed and treated very professionally and with care. Dr. Mike was able to discern and develop detailed insight and an accurate grasp into the root of her problem and pain, and the treatment seems to be helping. I would highly recommend Dr. Mike! We are so grateful for him!

5on Google,Jul 03, 2020


My experience was very good and everyone is very nice to me and I truly appreciate everyone here and I really appreciate Mike who’s been very good to me and a blessing in my life Maryann Wilson

5on Google,Jul 03, 2020


I had concerns about my health and I experienced positive results from the recommendations of Dr. Andreano. My preference is to help the body in a way that promotes healing and detox.

5on Google,Jun 21, 2020


So thankful for Dr Mike and his staff! I've been looking for a place like this for years. They are all so kind . I so appreciate Dr Mike's approach to heal your health issues naturally.

5on Google,Jun 18, 2020


Dr. Mike and his staff are competent and quite friendly. I look forward to working with them in the future. Just had my first appointment with them on June 15, 20 Zach at the front desk was pleasant and quite helpful. Dr. Mike was great to deal with and Sarah, who did the mud packs for me, was super to deal with as well. An overall excellent experience.

5on Google,Jun 18, 2020


i went in to get some relief off the sciatic pain and came out much better and improve the next day thank you very much Dr. Mike God bless

5on Google,Jun 15, 2020


Dr. Mike always takes the time to find out what is really wrong. I love that and I love the care that I get from him. His care has truly changed my life!!

5on Google,May 07, 2020


I am very grateful for the expertise of Dr. Mike and his staff. They are professional, courteous and caring. My health has improved and stabilized since I began working with them on a regular basis.

5on Google,May 05, 2020


I was in excruciating pain the other day and I could barely sit without being in extreme discomfort Dr. Mike was able to squeeze me in at the last minute and made it better. I called the next day for another quick tune up, the office was closed but he made an appointment for me. While I am not 100 percent yet I see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are a life saver. Thank you!!!!!

5on Google,Apr 24, 2020


Staff is personable and professional

5on Google,Apr 17, 2020


This is the real deal